Weight Maintenance – Why Is It Always So Hard To
Keep Off The Weight You Have Managed To Lose
With Such Great Efforts?

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medifast weight loss

Do you know why it is so damn hard to keep off even the tiny little weight you’ve managed to lose with such great efforts?

Because of the impossible diet plan you put yourself on. And what happens in the end? Probably you end up weighing a few pounds more than before you start dieting. Why is that always happening?

You start by lowering your daily calorie intake of 2000 calories to 1000 calories. You lose some weight for the first few days or even weeks, but then you stop losing. Then you decide to lower your caloric intake even more – to 500 calories a day. You will probably lose a few more pounds and then it’ll stop again.

During your diet you will be starving all day every day for weeks and even months. You will start feeling frustrated by the fact you are not loosing anymore. You will start feeling depressed and will eventually lose faith and hope you will ever lose weight. At the end of your 500 calories a day torture you will return to your 2000 calories daily and your body will automatically store the excess 1500 calories into fat. The result will be catastrophic.

What should you do?

Do not try so drastic diets.

What should you do instead?

Try Medifast 5 & 1 Weight Loss Plan. It costs $299.50 for 4 weeks.

Currently there is running a special discount offer – 2 Weeks of Medifast FREE! (Enter code GetTwo).

There are many things I can say about Medifast diet plan – you can read my Medifast review here.

Back to my post topic: Why can’t we keep the lost weight off for good. Well, Medifast has a great and very successful weight loss program that helps you reach your goal weight effortlessly and without starvation. But that’s not all:

Once you reach your goal weight, you should begin the Transition Plan. It introduces gradually calories to your diet, while giving your body the needed time to adjust to the new levels of calories and carbohydrates.

Once you pass the Transition Plan, here comes the weight Maintenance Plan, which encourages you to continue to use some of the Medifast diet meals in order not to re-gain the lost weight. 2 or 3 Medifast meals a day will help you greatly through the maintenance plan.

If you find it difficult to decide which Medifast meals to use, then you have no problems with the Momentum Package by Medifast, as this line of products is specially designed to assist all women and men with their weight maintenance plans. Momentum boosts metabolism to prevent gaining back the lost pounds.

You should not be worried that you will gain the weight back, as Medifast does not leave you alone once you reach your goal weight. Medifast diet plan has the Transition, Maintenance, and Exercise Plans to pick you up where the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan ends – they teach you how to sustain your weight loss results for long-term.

Find more details about Medifast Weight Maintenance Plan.

3 thoughts on “Weight Maintenance – Why Is It Always So Hard To
Keep Off The Weight You Have Managed To Lose
With Such Great Efforts?

  1. Every one intending to lose weight must realise that they did not gain those extrat pounds over night and should not expect to lose them overnight.All dieters have to stop putting unnecessary pressure on themselves and their body. In order to lose weight and to lose it in the proper way without side effects, it is advisable that they start slowly to avoid detours ( discouragement ) on the road to weight loss. Losing weight too fast will lead to side effects and discouragement, it makes them feel tired, drained and sick.

  2. Thank you for the great idea. Nowadays everyone is looking for these type of weight loss ideas. I have been using Herbalife products. Please continue these types of valuable ideas.

  3. You make a good point. There has to be some transition. If you just stop a diet and go back to your old ways, you’ll just gain the weight back.

    And sensible eating and increased activity, weight gain is guaranteed.

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