What Does the Zodiac Sign Say about You Losing Weight?

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AriesThese are the foods you need to include into our daily menu (or if you are already eating them – you should increase the amounts you eat):

+ Beet, celery, cauliflower, spinach, onion, mustard, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, dates, apples, lemons and walnuts.

Using more from these foods you will cope one and for all with the nasty headache and nervousness you experience sometimes.

You need enough amounts of iron and proteins to keep you muscle tissue in good condition, so no more muscle aches if you eat plenty of beans, lentils, peas and of course – meat.


AriesYou are known for your passion for sweets and pastry. Your metabolism is slower and needs a boost, so it is recommended to eat more foods rich in Vitamin A such as:

+ meat (pigs liver), cod liver oil, liver pate, raw carrots, sweet potato.

To cope with the excess amount of water your body keeps you need to eat more:

+ spinach, beet, cauliflower and cabbage, onion, pumpkin and radishes.

You need more Vitamin E (sun flower seeds, almonds, tomatoes) and iodine (haddock, cod, condensed milk, eggs).


GeminiTo keep your neuro system in good condition you need more calcium, so eat more milk products and cabbage.

What else you should add to your menu is:

+ Protein rich foods, lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, walnuts, sesame and soy.

You also need extra potassium for your heart from:

+ peas, beet, carrots, cauliflower, corns; and fruits like apricots, peaches, plums and pineapple.


CancerIn order to lose weight you should not overeat with too much sweets, pastry and fats (but that applies for all the zodiac signs).

You need more proteins and sea foods, which supply your organism with enough iodine.

These are the foods you need to include in your daily menu (or to increase their consumption if you are already eating  them):

+ More milk products, citrus fruits, raisins, cabbage, onions, pumpkin, and rye bread.


LeoTo balance your diet plan and make it healthier you need to include the following foods to your menu:

+ Lemons, plenty of fruits and vegetable, salads, wholegrain rye bread, almonds.

You should avoid animal fats as they can cause arteriosclerosis.

Milk products are very healthy for you, as well as lean meat, soy and fruits rich in Vitamin C.


VirgoVirgos are tender beings, so heavy foods are not for them. They should include more protein foods into their diet:

+ soy, eggs, cheese, and especially foods rich in Vitamin B like beans, meat, oat milk flakes, barley groats.

It is recommended if you start drinking morning tea instead of your morning coffee.

In order to keep your slim fit and fresh and pure skin, you need to eat lean meat (beef), almonds, wholemeal foods, rye and barley grains.

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