Easy Way to Lose Up to 20 Pounds in a Month

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What’s the easiest way to lose up to 20 pounds in a month without counting calories, carb or fat grams?
I am thinking fast, so at this point I will brainstorm a few possible answers but not the best solutions.

Eating tones of food regularly and taking the miracle pills that were pitched to you in the advertisement on the local cable TV – Nope!
Drinking natural juices or teas valued at $100 and expecting to lose weight while you sleep. (Hint: This is most likely to be hype.)
Stop eating at all, except of fruits or some meat – could be effective, but this is the hardest, unhealthy short-term way to lose weight.

Diet experts say: “The most effective way is to eat low calorie, fat free foods combined with regularly exercising.” I doubt that there is anyone on the planet who doesn’t know that supplemental truth. We see it on TV, read it in newspapers and hear it on the radio, etc. daily.

But the easiest way I know is to use meal replacement foods. These are low calorie, fat free puddings, shakes, soups, bars and cakes with great taste. The best part of all is that they take no more than five minutes to prepare. Well, I don’t want to stay in the kitchen for half an hour or more. How about you?

The idea is to partly or completely kick off the fat and carb rich meals from your daily menu plan. This could be done safely without any side effects or risks with meal replacements.

If you are planning to give a try to meal replacement programs, I strongly recommend you WonderSlim Diet Plan. You can easily lose up to 20 pounds in a month. This is a proven program with more than 100 unsoiled testimonials from happy customers.

The three months supply of WonderSlim Starter Kits will cost you as little as $7.61 a day to completely replace your meals. A simple calculation 3 x 20 = 60 shows that 60 pounds are an achievable goal in 3 months. Of course that’s the best case scenario we are talking about here. So if you lose 40 or 50 – that’s great even fantastic and there is no reason to feel frustrated why you haven’t lost 60 pounds exactly.

If you are not ready to start now, you can still try any of the foods included in the plan separately. See the list of available meal replacement foods.

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