What to Eat before Bedtime to Lose Weight?

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The answer is very simple: Nothing!!!
But that’s just one side of the coin, the other side says: It doesn’t matter “when” but “what” and “how much” you eat.

Honestly speaking I like to switch sides once in a while, depending on the snack I can eat before bedtime. For example if it’s my favorite fruit, or a glass of milk and a wholegrain biscuit – there is no way for me to resist those before bedtime, so I eat them.

Here are a few ideas on how to avoid eating just before bedtime. And of course a few ideas about healthy bedtime snack for those of you who can’t fall asleep without one.

I myself divide evening snacks into two groups – those taken immediately after dinner and snacks taken late at night just before bedtime. Of course the second group is worse so grab your strong will and let’s learn a few tricks on how to avoid evening snacking:

  1. Brush your teeth after dinner

    This could stop you from eating anything after dinner, because if you do eat something then you will need to brush them again and after all who likes to brush their teeth more than once at a time…

  2. Never ever make dinner your biggest meal of the day

    Instead of skipping breakfast or lunch, make one of them your biggest meal for the day, so in the evening you won’t feel so hungry to stuff yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey.

  3. Eat balanced dinner – the key to self-control after dinner food cravings

    Try to make your dinner as healthy and delicious as possible, i.e. give what your body needs and what your mind pleases. Sounds complex but it’s not.
    If your dinner consists of one half vegetables and the other half proteins and carbohydrates then it is healthy. You will definitely feel satisfied after eating your dinner, i.e. your body gets everything it needs. And if dinner is deliciously cooked then it is sure your mind enjoys every bite of it.

  4. Make yourself busy after dinner

    Obviously not busy snacking after dinner in front of the TV or the computer. Try doing a hobby or other routine that has nothing to do with food. If you don’t have a hobby yet then it’s about time to invent one. Simple housework outside the kitchen can really keep you away from snacking before bed.

  5. Eat a small snack immediately after dinner

    If eating before bedtime is wrong in general then eating immediately after dinner is the smaller wrong. Allow yourself a snack (a healthy one) as a dessert after the dinner meal – a small but remarkable finish of your eating for the day.

Number 1 has always worked best for me 😉 What about you? Which number would you prefer? If you have more ideas about how to skip snacking late at night feel free to share them with us as a comment below.

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