8 Scarsdale Diet Recipes

8 scarsdale diet recipes

How to prepare delicious Scarsdale diet meals?
That’s the million dollar question every SMD* starting dieter asks in the begging of the diet.
*SMD stands for Scarsdale Medical Diet.
Most common SMD scenario is start on Monday.
Here are the first 7 Scarsdale Diet Recipes you can begin with.
These are recipe meal ideas …

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7 Scarsdale Diet Recipes

scarsdale diet recipes

Are you short on ideas how to prepare delicious Scarsdale diet meals?
Honestly, I completely understand your concerns, cause I’ve been there as well.
I was so excited the day I did my Scarsdale Diet shopping, that I failed to prepare any Scarsdale Diet recipes for the days after Day 1.
I had …

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Top 9 Scarsdale Diet Questions Asked

scarsdale diet faq

Ever since I created the Scarsdale Diet support group, I have received many different questions from group members. It has been my pleasure to welcome more than 150 people in this group for a little more than two months now.
I met members with experience with the Scarsdale diet – …

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Scarsdale Diet Infographic – Day 1 to Day 7

infographic scarsdale diet menu

Scarsdale Diet – Week 1

Go to Scarsdale Diet Infographic – Day 8 to Day 14

Join our closed Facebook discussion group about the Scarsdale Diet.
You are welcome to join here!
There will be a lot of sharing and discussions about the original diet plan. Everyone is free to share their experience and …

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