8 Alkaline Diet Weight Loss Tips part 2

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alkaline diet weight loss tips

Link to my previous post where alkaline diet weight loss Tip 1, Tip 2, Tip 3 and Tip 4 are described in details. Let’s continue with the other 4 tips:

Tip 5 – Main meals while on Alkaline Diet – Huge Salads

Make a huge salad with every meal and eat it as a main course. You can’t even imagine how much binge eating of unhealthy “junk” foods this would save you.

You might think this is not much of a tip, after all everyone knows salads are healthy and good. But there is a little trick you should keep in mind:

The vegetables for the salad must be cut and ready waiting in the fridge to get mixed and covered with dressing just before eating.

Tip 6 – The right way to combine healthy foods

As the tip headline suggests there are wrong and right way to combine different healthy foods.

As surprising as it sounds – even if you are eating only healthy foods, you still could be gaining weight instead of losing.

How’s that possible, you ask …

The trick is all about the right combination of healthy foods you consume at one meal. Eating 2 different (incompatible) foods causes either one to spoil thus releasing acids and toxins in your body. You already know from my previous post what your body is doing to eliminate those acids and toxins.

A simple example will clear things up more accurately:

Each food group requires different internal environment for proper and healthy digestion.

  • Proteins need acid environment in the stomach to digest
  • Carbohydrates need more alkaline environment in the small intestine to digest

So you understand there is no way for those two groups of foods to digest properly at the same time. Your digestive system will be working to digest the poteins, while the carbs will be fermenting, and likewise while digesting carbs, the proteins will be putrefying. From bad to worse, huh?

Eating incompatible foods leads to:

  • Delay of foods digestion in general
  • Acid reflux experiences – unless you have a digestive disorder, acid reflux is caused exclusively by wrong combining of foods – eating proteins and carbohydrates, and even fruits at the same meal.

How to combine different foods right way:

  • Proteins and non-starchy vegetables – good combo
  • Carbs and non-starchy vegetables – good combo
  • Fats and non-starchy vegetables – good combo
    • Non-starchy vegetables are:

    • Asparagus
    • Baby corn
    • Broccoli
    • Peppers
    • Kale
    • Carrots
    • Mushrooms
    • Green beans
      Popular starchy vegetables – should not be combined with proteins:

    • Potatoes
    • Peas
    • Corn
  • Fats and proteins and fats and cabrs – not so good combos, but yet moderately compatible
  • Fruits – as a rule they are not compatible with any of the fruit groups as they break down very quickly and cause premature break down of carbs/proteins, which is neither good feeling for your stomach, nor good for any weight loss diet plan.
    • An exception from that rule are a very few fruits law in sugar – tomatoes, avocados, lemons and limes.

Tip 7 – Stress relieve techniques to aid weight loss

I know this would sound like a cliché but avoiding stress would boost your weight loss tremendously. I also know there is no way not to be under stress these days. So what can you do in a stressful situation to avoid it, or at least to minimize the bad influence over your overall weight loss progress?

I will back up this claim with a simple example: When you are angry, anxious, worried, feared or hostile for any reason – your digestive system stops working properly, which leads to:

  • Improper digested foods
  • Increase in acid production in your stomach
  • More acid substances (toxins, “food poisons”, free radicals) are released in your body
  • Processes of getting rid of or storing away those toxins stop

Four times bad, huh?

Well, there are a few stress relieve techniques that might work for some and do nothing for others – it’s completely individual and depends on lots of factors – way of living, health condition, stress situation, one’s personality (age, gender, etc.) motivation and weight loss goals and so on …

Here are a couple of tricks to try out when you are under pressure:

  1. Ask yourself: “How can I use this stressful situation to my advantage?” At first you might think there is no positive way to use it, but keep brainstorming and eventually you might come up with a positive idea, which could nicely surprise you.
  2. Another question to ask yourself: “How the current situation will affect me in ten years?” If you answer is among these: “Slightly” or “It won’t affect me” then sit back and relax. Remind your weight loss goals and keep to them. Avoid stressful situation as painfully as possible for you, your body and mind, your family and/or friends.

Tip 8 – The right breathing technique to alkalize your body

There is a way to alkalize your body just by breathing right.

Most of us are the so called shallow “chest breathers”. Unfortunately this breathing technique does not supply our bodies with the maximum amount of oxygen as the other “diaphragm breathing” does.

Are you a chest breather?

Lie down on your back, put your hand over your chest and take a normal breath. If your hand moves up and down then you are a chest breather.

How to become a diaphragm breather and alkalize your body?

Take a deep breath and fill the lower parts of your lungs to their full capacity. Then fill the upper part (your chest) and hold your breath for a sec. Exhale in reversed order – upper lungs first, lower – second.

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