Cut the High Carb Foods and Smartly Substitute them for Healthy Low Carb Alternatives

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Do you know what the best way is to cut carbs from your diet? It is simple – just substitute the high carb foods from your diet for healthy low carb alternatives. This is a very smart thing to do and you’ll benefit greatly from it. That’s what Dr. Arthur Agatston advises (he’s the author of the South Beach Diet).

The lower carb alternatives you gonna use should have identical taste as the original high carb foods. You will be very nicely surprised to find out that many of them actually taste better than the original high carb dishes.


You can substitute Chinese and Napa cabbage for bread. This way you eliminate 29 grams of carbs per sandwich.

Use one leaf of the cabbage and roll it up with your favorite filling and if you like you can dip it in low-fat mayo. Delicious.


You can substitute Portobello mushroom for pizza crust. This way you eliminate 20 grams of carbs per pizza slice.

Cut the mushroom gills out and place the mushroom on an oiled cookie sheet and bake until it dries out a little. Add you favorite pizza topping (my favorite is tomato sauce, ham and sweet corn). Mmm, I got hungry 🙂


You can substitute Oatmeal and cottage cheese for pancake mix. This way you eliminate 45 grams of carbs per pancake.

Mix 2 eggs, ¼ cup of the cottage cheese and ½ cup of the oatmeal. Add vanilla, nutmeg or cinnamon
(you know the benefits of cinnamon). Make the mixture smooth and cook it like you do with the regular pancakes. I am going to try this immediately.

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  1. With low-carb diets, proper exercise, discipline, and patience, you’ll achieve the figure that you want to have. Thanks for the useful information here. 🙂

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