Fight Cellulite with Yoga

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fight cellulite with yoga

It’s summer again – the vacation season! It’s this time of the year when we start dreaming about walking or lying on the beach showing off our sexy bikini body…

But let’s not forget that some of us don’t have sexy bikini body, but body defects instead, such as cellulite. Unfortunately this women skin problem starts to show the moment it gets hot. Why? It’s simple – in the summer women like to wear less clothes and more and more of their skin is shown – arms, legs, belly (the exact same problem areas where cellulite appears L

Is there an effective exercise that directly fights cellulite?

That’s a million dollar question for more than 90% of women population worldwide.

As a woman, you probably won’t like the answer….NO, there isn’t one and only magical physical exercise that helps you quickly get rid of cellulite. Luckily, there are sets of yoga exercises (YES – you can fight cellulite with yoga) and other fitness techniques that could help you get rid of cellulite just in time for the summer vacation.

Beware! Cellulite is fat spread in-between the connective tissue of your buttocks, belly, upper arms and thighs. Fat is very hard to burn in short periods of time, so in order to get ready for the beach in time, you should start exercising a few months earlier.

Remember! The fewer fats you intake, the fewer fats to burn. So put yourself on a fat free diet, or at least try to lower your fat intake. It’s easy to find such low fat diet. Or if you prefer you can follow your own fat free diet regime, i.e.:

  • Do not eat fried foods
  • Eat lean meats only
  • Eat fat free dairy products
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially rich in water (cucumbers, watermelons, etc.)
  • Drink plenty of water and other drinks like fresh juices, smoothies, fat free milkshakes, etc.

Enough for the diet, now for the 3 easy yoga poses that fight cellulite

Fight cellulite with yoga – 3 Easy Yoga Poses that Fight Cellulite

  1. Half Shoulder Stand (modified salamba sarvangasana),
  2. Plow pose (halasana) and
  3. Eagle pose (garudasana).

Half Shoulder Stand

Practice once a day every day. Takes 2 minutes.

yoga shoulder stand fights celluliteLie on your back and rest your arm alongside of your body. Bend your knees and curl them up toward your forehead. Place your hand under your hips to support them. Keep your elbows on floor.

Hold for up to 10 breaths. Slowly release your knees and roll carefully your back down to the floor.

Plow Pose

Practice once a day every day. Takes 2 minutes.

yoga-plow-pose-fights-celluliteStarts as the pose described above i.e. repeat the steps of half shoulder stand but before start counting breaths strengthen your legs and extend them back over your head in order to rest your toes on the floor. Straighten arms to reach out the floor with palms facing down.

Hold up to 10 breaths. Slowly bend your knees and roll carefully your back down to the floor.

Eagle Pose

Probably the best yoga pose for fighting cellulite. It forces you to tighten your inner and outer thighs. Holding it squeezes the thigh muscles perfectly.

yoga-eagle-pose-fights-celluliteBegin standing with your arms alongside of your body. Bend your knees. Balance on your right foot. Cross your left thigh over your right one. Gaze at a point in front of you. Hook the top of your left foot by putting your toes behind your right calf. Wrap your left arm under your right arm and then press the palms together. Sit deeper and squeeze your thighs as much as you can while still gazing ahead.

Balance in this position for up to 10 breaths. Slowly and carefully unwind your arms and legs and return to standing position. Repeat on the opposite side.

Tips for beginners:

  1. Beginners can skip foot hook, and can cross legs and leave the toes of the crossing leg to rest on the floor, instead.
  2. If you can’t wrap your arms and hands close enough to press your palms together, just hold them as close as you can.

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