How to choose a weight loss camp

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Choosing a weight loss camp for you or your kids may take more time and effort than you’ve expected. If you are choosing a weight loss camp for your kid or teen, it will be best if you do it together – this way is faster and more satisfactory for both sides.

You can’t just visit the weight loss camp to see if it is good for you or your kids before you register. So your decision for registration with any weight loss camp must be based on the information and references you can find in weight loss camp’s brochures or catalogues, newspapers, magazines, information and pictures from the official camp’s web site, or just word-of-mouth and stories of successful campers.

After you’ve gathered all that information and references about the weight loss camp you or you and your kid have chosen, and before you contact the weight loss camp director or official contact person for further questions, you should make a list of all other questions that interest you before you make the final decision.

List of questions you should ask before register with a weight loss camp

I assume that you are already aware when the weight loss camp starts, how many weeks it lasts and where it is located, so let’s move on with:

  • The camp fee – a deposit or full payment? Any extra fees?
  • Do the weight loss camp have repeat customers and for what reasons?
  • Does the weight loss camp program have long-term results and how the camp stuff and counselors support the campers after they return home?
  • Who is the nutritionist who has designed the camp’s weight loss diet and activity program and what is his/her experience?
  • What are the credentials of the weight loss camp’s counselors and what type of counseling they provide – group or individual?
  • Can a camper schedule his/her own activities for the day?
  • Will you be able to visit you kid, or be visited by you relatives, at any time?

This is only an example list. You can write any questions that interest you in much more detail.

I hope this info was helpful to you. I wish you have great time whichever weight loss camp you choose and the most important: long-term weight loss results.

You can also come back here and share your experience with weight loss camps if you like.

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