Medifast Weight Loss – Your Key To Healthier And Slimmer You

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medifast weight loss

Medifast weight loss program is one of your last chances to lose those hated extra pounds and get slim and fit again. I really mean your last chance, because that’s the truth – what’s been written and said so far is what will be rewritten and repeated for years on end.

Medifast liquid diet is one of the last unique weight loss programs that offers you everything you need to lose weight fast and easy, and helps you lose up to 2-5 pounds a week without shopping, cooking or counting. Medifast meals are nutritionally well balanced, clinically tested and delivered directly to your door.

Medifast meals include all the food you need – Medifast shakes, bars, puddings, soups, drinks, snacks and many more medifast products.

Medifast weight loss is simple – all you need to do is follow the Medifast low calorie diet plan and lose the extra pounds.

You can either start your 4 or 2 weeks journey to successful weight loss now with Medifast diet plan, or you can design your own diet plan menu (diabetics foods and meal plan are also available). In order to do that you should know more about Medifast diet products:

Medifast shakes and specialty shakes

Medifast 55 Shakes – they are specially formulated for you ladies. Absolutely great tasting shakes containing 11 grams of proteins, 24 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. You can choose between six delicious flavors that are easily mixed with water.

Medifast 70 Shakes – they are specially formulated for men or women who prefer higher protein amount. These shakes are soy based, heart healthy, and contain 14 grams of protein per serving.

Medifast Plus for Diabetics Shakes – revolutionary type of shakes designed to meet the needs of people with diabetes by providing them with these specifically portioned meals. They can be used either as a supplement in your Medifast weight loss program, or as an addition to your regular diabetes meal plan.

More Medifast shakes

Medifast Bars

Everybody loves bars, especially chocolate. But these are special dietary bars that give you the variety and convenience that your lifestyle demands and the nutritional excellence that your body needs. Medifast Bars are perfect for a late morning or early afternoon meal.

Medifast Soups

If you prefer soups to shakes you can choose any of the Medifast soups – Chicken Noodle, Minestrone and Chicken and Wild Rice Soups.


Iced Tea – Peach and Raspberry Iced Teas contain 100% Vitamin C and E per serving in only 90 calories. They are rich in calcium and are cholesterol and fat free.

Fruit Drinks – Medifast fruit drinks are crisp, refreshing and provide 100% of Vitamins C and E. They provide you with another delicious alternative in your Medifast weight loss or maintenance program.

More Medifast products:

Scrambled Eggs – Sounds strange but Medifast Scrambled Eggs are a great-tasting option to the other Medifast meals. They contain only 100 calories and 10 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Enjoy your delicious portion controlled scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Sample packs – Medifast for Women Sample Pack, Medifast for Diabetics Sample Pack, and Medifast for Men Sample Pack. If you are interested in trying out the Medifast products and foods, I allow myself to suggest you a sample variety pack, including assorted flavors of Medifast shakes, soups and bars.

With so many delicious Medifast diet products and meals, you’ll never get bored with the Medifast weight loss program.

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