My 7 Days Diet Experiment – Current Goal 4 pounds

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I am going to lose some weight next week. This is a live experiment. I will call it “The 7 days diet”. To me, it sounds easy and achievable. My goal is to lose 4 pounds by simply reducing 30% of my daily calorie intake.

I will keep you informed about the result. See the result (link will be active after 7 days).

Now I will explain how am I planning to cut off the food and lose 4 pounds for 7 days.
Eat BREAKFAST like a king

Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip it, you lose a part of your body and health. You also miss the chance to reduce the food intake later at dinner. This is terribly wrong.

On breakfast, I am going to have muesli and low fat milk. May be I will also have some fruits and a half tea spoon of honey. The coffee is also a part of my breakfast. I drink coffee with no sugar 3 times a day. 

The Lunch is the same as normal

The lunch is not so important for my experiment. I think I will have a normal lunch, not more but not less. I prefer boiled vegetables and meat or potatoes, rice and bread.

Throw the Dinner away

Give dinner to your enemy! We know that the dinner is mean. Instead of the fat rich meals I have, I will drink boiled mineral water for the experiment.  This means I will eat 2 times a day only. First at 10.00 am and second at about 4.00 pm. 

I know it’s against my rules, but that’s why I call it an experiment.

Tracking the results

I will weigh myself 3 times for these 7 days to track the results. I must see how things are going on. If I don’t see any results in the middle of the week (it’s possible if this is not the best time for dieting), I will extend the period with 4 days to lose exactly 4 pounds.

I won’t miss to write on a small sheet of paper the amounts and the kind of the foods I eat. That way I will count the calories intake. This is critical for the tracking. I will use it later, when building the plan for the next 7 days and setting the new goals.

Remember: You must set goals weekly and you must correct the time frame only, if the weight loss results are unsatisfactory. Following this simple rule you will succeed at the end.

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