The Shangri La Diet

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Shangri-La DietFinally The Shangri-La Diet, by Seth Roberts PhD has just been published and will be available at Amazon on April 25, 2006.

If you have read any kind of speculations about the Shangri-La diet, then you definitely will be interested to read that book and find out the truth for the diet.

The Shangri-La Diet – all you need to know

The Shangri-La Diet plan is quite unusual and very controversial. The author Seth Roberts presents his revolutionary ideas in some extremely simple and easy to follow diet guidelines:

  • Take one or two tablespoons of edible oil daily (about 120 – 240 calories)
  • Drink one liter of sugar water – 6 tablespoons of fructose diluted in water (about 3 ounces of fructose is equivalent to 275 calories)

Small portions of these flavorless “foods” should be taken at least one hour before a meal in order to suppress your appetite. The recommended oils are canola oil and extra-light olive oil, or any flavorless light olive oil. As for the sugar – you can use white or any type of sugar.

The Shangri-La Diet is based on the set point theory of weight control and the taste-calorie association.

Set point theory

Professor Roberts believes that at any particular moment your body weight corresponds to your current set point. If you try to lose weight from your current set point, you won’t succeed, unless you lower your set point.

The purpose of the Shangri-La Diet is to lower your set point by breaking the taste-calorie association.

To lower your set point you should eat foods that have little or no flavor – but still supply calories to your body.

In fact this is how you break the taste-calorie association – eating flavorless foods lower your set point and tasty foods raise it. In the first case your body wants to get leaner and the second – to get fatter.

Successful weight loss

Professor Roberts has lost 35 pounds in three months and has kept them off for quite a long time already. Many of his friends have also used the diet very successfully.

The Shangri-la Diet is recommended for…

The diet is recommended for everyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off forever. The Shangri-la Diet plan is very simple but can make a radical turn in everyone’s point of view about weight loss. 

The Shangri-La Diet book includes…

The book is a quick and pleasant reading. In addition to the diet it includes interesting science facts and explanations of how the author has devised the diet and why it works.

The book includes many topics, such as – instructions for adjusting the program to your personal needs, expert tips, diet variations, success stories. The book takes into consideration the obesity epidemic, caused by stress.

Now you can pre-order The Shangri-La Diet, by Seth Roberts PhD at Amazon with 34% discount for only $12.97.

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