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Permanent weight loss guidelines

There are several effective ways for weight loss but most diet experts recommend a combination of healthy eating patterns and regular physical exercises. You can also use weight loss products along with your diet plan, but before taking any nutrition products you must consult with your doctor.

The key to achieve a weight reduction is to prepare psychically for the coming body and mind hardship. Your body needs food, your mind tells your body not to eat.

Live with your body in harmony.

First you have to put your body and mind together. Then and then only you will be able to tell your body what to do.

Even if you don’t understand the importance of this issue at the moment, you will be able to see the facts when you start to collect information about what you eat everyday. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks etc., every small biscuit and cup of fruit juice will be a black point marked into your diet diary.

Does it mean that I need to count all the calories I take daily?

The answer to this question is given form all different diets that exist all over the world. Proteins, carbohydrates and lipids are well known since 19th century. Doctors and scientists from the past began to experiment with targeted diets to prevent disease and obesity.

A huge variety of proportions and calories amounts are available these days. The truth is somewhere in the middle. It is important to know that whatever diet plan you choose, you simply will take less calories a day.

To achieve weight loss you need to take less calories than you burn. Less than 1000 a day will start your body defensive mechanisms and you will gain the opposite effect. Not to mention that this is extremely dangerous for your health.

It is desirable that you should often change the proteins/carbs/fats proportion in order to prevent your body from growing into a habit with your diet plan and stop responding to it.

Never become a slave to your diet diary.

Because you have better things to do with your time. Share wonderful moments with your kids or go out and have fun with your friends. If you think more than 10 minutes a day about your weight loss plan it will be a waste of time. As much difficult it is, as much difficult to keep it.

Side effects of dieting:

  • dizziness
  • depression
  • reduced sex drive
  • irritability

If you feel uncomfortable or notice some of these side effects during the diet, it will be good to get a day off and increase your carbohydrates intake.

Always remember that the best diet is to cut down on your food.
And don’t worry about your protein/carbohydrates/fats proportion – you have it perfectly balanced from your ordinary home made food.


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