7 Yoga Types that Aid Weight Loss

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yoga weight loss

Yoga is a fitness method that a lot of people practice because aside from making your body stronger, it also relaxes the mind. It is an exercise that even famous people love to do because of the many benefits that Yoga offers.

It’s an easy way to make your body become more flexible, your muscles toned, and your mental well-being to be in good condition. Health buffs try this famous exercise’s different types particularly the Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, and Hot Yoga weight loss methods. All these kinds of yoga will help your body become stronger and lithe.

Since yoga gained popularity, some dieticians and fitness experts questioned the exercise’s effectiveness in weight loss. In studies made by health researchers, it is said that while yoga helps your body build strength, it still doesn’t help your heart rate to spike enough. This is the reason why if you’re choosing yoga as your everyday fitness regimen, you still need to try other methods of exercises and follow a good diet plan for yoga to be an effective tool for weight loss. Even the much talked about Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga weight loss method requires additional exercises such as running and walking to help an individual achieve an optimal weight.

How Does Yoga Really Help In Fine-tuning Your Body?

Doing yoga mainly improves two elements of your body: strength and flexibility. It serves as a great physical workout because in a usual 90-minute session, the deep breathing methods help the body heat up inside and eliminate toxins, potassium, and water weight. It also boosts the performance of the organs and the lymphatic system, which transfers fatty acids from the intestines to the circulatory system. Yoga helps up your body’s ability to burn calories because even if the training is not as forceful as running, it still gets you moving.

Yoga also helps heighten people’s confidence because it improves posture and promotes relaxation. When people feel good about their self-image, their lifestyle improves and they shy away from stress-eating. Another benefit of yoga is its ability to relieve pain such as muscle contractions, arthritis and dysmenorrhea.

Common Types Of Yoga

Yoga has many different types that teach yoga poses for weight loss and mind-conditioning. Here are some of the common types of yoga that yogis enjoy doing.


This type of yoga is included in the flow yoga category and it’s more athletic in sequence. Vinyasa usually starts with intensive, fast-paced poses called the sun salutations, followed by a fluid flow of upright poses. If you like dynamic and rigorous routines, this type of yoga may suit you.


This yoga practice requires lots of effort and energy, and this is the type of yoga that’s loved by a lot of experienced yogis. The Ashtanga method is repetitive, which makes the series of poses easier to learn and understand. Once the yogis memorize the sequences, their trainers leave them to their own and allow them to increase the pace of the exercise.

Power Yoga

This type of yoga is popular among gym buffs because Power yoga is based on producing the heat and vigorousness of Ashtanga but with more dynamic series of poses.

Restorative Yoga

This method is best for people who want to calm their minds and nerves through yoga. Restorative Yoga uses props such as blankets, bolsters, or blocks that will support passive poses that yogis are doing. The idea is for the body to experience practicing routines that hardly require much effort. This type of yoga promotes relaxation and brings peace of mind to yogis.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is the most basic type of yoga as this method teaches yogis the fundamental and physical poses in yoga. You don’t need to work up a sweat when doing Hatha yoga but this is still good if you want to relax your muscles and nerves.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar follows the Ashtanga method and promotes bodily alignment. This method uses more standing poses for long periods of time that help build up body strength and improve balance. Iyengar yoga is ideal for people who have suffered from injuries as this practice brings the body into alignment.

Bikram Yoga weight loss

Also known as the Hot Yoga, Bikram is done in an artificially heated room that usually has a temperature of 95-105 degrees. This method practices 26 different poses.

The Bikram Yoga weight loss method is preferred by a lot of yogis because it allows the body to detoxify and it helps minimize chronic pain such as dysmenorrhea for women, muscle cramps, arthritis and back problems. This type of yoga is also controversial because it triggers dizziness among Bikram practitioners even before they finish the 90-minute session. Yogis still subject themselves to this type of yoga because it burns calories and flushes out toxins while relieving stress.

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